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My work is suitable for universities, schools, camps, business conventions and conferences, spiritual retreats, hospitals, prisons, retirement centers, libraries and arts centers.  I like to tailor my presentations to suit the listeners, to accommodate a theme such as a holiday, or to develop a topic such as a period of history, a geographic region, or a particular culture. I cover a wide variety of topics as you can see.


Artist fees and travel expenses are agreed upon by the presenter and myself.  Generally, I would suggest a basic artist fee of $400 for a day, which could include up to three 30-45 minute presentations.  An evening concert or a half-day workshop is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  Travel and lodging are in addition to artist fees.  I can make my own travel arrangements [to be reimbursed], or the presenter can take care of those arrangements directly.  If appropriate, I enjoy staying in homes, and try to be a welcome guest.


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806-282-9529 (Mobile);  580-832-5183 (Land-line)